Saturday, April 20, 2013

The meeting

Its the middle of the week, I'm really bored. All 8 classes I'm taking are not making sense at the time. I dropped my backpack beside my bunk as I slumped into my bed. Its been a long week already. Having to sneak in my phone was the hardest of all. This high school gets unbearable by the day
I had convinced my mother to let me hold my phone in-case of any emergency. We weren't allowed to have phones in the boarding house. A lot of other things we were not accepted to bring in, but I wanted a social life... Its days like this I needed a phone.


I picked up my phone, checked how many minutes I had left....not much. I decided to wait till night to make my calls, it was always easier that way, besides I didn't have worry about any senior student or mistresses lurking around campus looking for bad students like me.

12pm: I picked up my phone, dialed my guy friend,
"Hey Rita, what's up?"
"I'm kinda bored man ... watchu up to"
"I kinda have someone with me, let me call you up later".
I knew he was never gonna call back, he is in college, hardly has the time to catch up with me.
I tuned my radio to this relationship channel. I heard them call out a number, I'm not sure till today what that number was for but... I punched it in my phone, switched off my radio and dialed on.

Barritone voice...
Hi... how are you...
That's how it all began!

We talked everyday, I enjoyed his company so much. He was so lovable, a smooth talker, was also from my neighboring boys college. He was a senior, everything perfection!
We became really close, he told me everything there was to know about him, I shared with him my deepest secrets. I even got on a conference call with his sister one time. His friends always told me I had a really nice voice, they all loved me.
One time he told me he wanted to join a clique and I thought that was a great Idea. By the end of the school year, we were crazy about each other. His clique members knew me and everyone of my friends knew who he was too... we were so happy together.... But we had never met.


During the short break, he insisted on seeing me but I was too busy, I didn't know how to tell my strict parents that I had this boy I wanted to meet, It was all weird.
At the end of the semester though, we planned to meet at my school for this event that his school was invited to. I was so excited, I had my cleanest uniform ironed, everything was ready, he was too.
He kept calling me every minute, he couldn't wait to see me.
It was 12:15 pm, he was scheduled to be here 10 minutes ago. I was too anxious, I called him  a lot of times to make sure he would make it.
12:30pm : my phone rang. I'm at the back of the hall, where are you?
I got off my sit, held on to my best friends hand and nervously walked to the back of the hall.
He was there waiting, tall,  smooth chocolate skin, handsome and a scar running across his head.
I was finally meeting West!

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