Thursday, May 16, 2013

His View

My phone rang, it’s my ex calling. What did she want this time?!

"Hello", I said, trying to be as calm as possible

Hey, I want some money. My insurance cut me off... well our insurance, I'm trying to settle that so you do not get called if I run into some kind of trouble darling.

"I'm not your Darling Celia, How much you need..."

I hung up. She was such a pain in the neck... seriously how dare she.

I heaved a sigh and sat down. I'm not about to be in her drama again. We were over a long time ago. I just need to get my damn name off her car, well technically, my car.

"Do you mind if I sat here?"

"Oh no, go ahead" I said, with a smile. Now that's a polite woman. They are so hard to come by these days.

I asked the lady if she was waiting for a cab and we started chatting. Such pleasant woman.

After work on Thursday, I decided within my crazy self that I was going for a celebration. I finally got her name off my back. Celia was out of my life for good. This shit had gone on for too long... excuse my language. As I walked into the bar, I recognized the lady from the other day. I knew I wanted to talk to her. I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around! "Oh I remember you".... "Hold this real quick" and she dumped her purse in my arms before I could say "Sure".

She was so adorable; I could not get myself to stop thinking about her. Every passing day I wanted to be with her so bad. We became best of friends. I guess you could say I feel in love with her. I loved spending every hour talking to her, even if I had nothing to say... Just to hear her laugh, blush, sigh... any kind of sound she made did not matter; anything- we would do together, and at night, I loved to make love to her... make her feel like I cared about her, like I loved her ... like I could not live without her. Like I wanted to marry her, because I did, I really did.

Two years since we started dating. I called her sister and we talked about it. "She would love the park... I think she would". I was gonna propose to her at our favorite spot. It was perfect. The lights came on at seven. I was so nervous, she was overwhelmed. I felt fulfilled.

We were doing okay; everything was great, well till I lost my Job and Ness too.
I was fired for the most bizarre reason. My secretary was attracted to me. Of course I had no business with that till she reported herself to the Boss. She told him she thinks I also have a thing for her or something of that sort; women could be really wicked. It was unfair for them to let her go and leave me behind. Our contract stated no romance at work, I guess she felt we could continue our imaginary love outside of the office. Again Bizarreness..
I did not care about that or my job. I really just wanted to provide everything for my fiancee. I loved her so much. She got another job quickly but I did not like the way it sounded. The guy that hooked her up was slowly up to something. I, on the other hand, went for this interview; the offer was ridiculous; good pay, car allowance and all. It’s just funny how corrupt the world is today. I had to sign this contract that stated my work was confidential, some secret stuff I had to do for the company and my Ideas were gonna be the head of the companies'. Confused? Yea, it was not really adding up...  and the lady seemed like she wanted to gobble me. Disgusting sexual gestures that was really upsetting. It obviously was not the place for me.

I slumped into the couch, picked up my game pad and kept clicking. It relieved me of so much. My fiancée was working really hard and she never understood why I did not just sign the damn contract.

We did not talk about the wedding yet, I was saving up for that. The last thing I needed was some policemen after me for some weird thing I did or did not do.

I had marked out strategies for a new business, talked to people and the one person that was willing to help asked me to give up my wedding savings for my idea and business to come in play. It was a tough one.

I was aware of this dude that was all up in my fiancée’s face. I just wanted to get my stuff together so we could get married. I have a feeling that Ness doubts me but then again I couldn't give up on marrying her.

She was  my everything!

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