Monday, March 3, 2014

Shrunken Heart

The struggle to please oneself 

The inner peace and confidence 

With gifting and sharing, 

defiance crushing 

Words of the unwise, 

of the shrunken hearts , 

of ones who think it's best to remain clasped 

Clasped hands, tight grips, nails piercing, blood dripping 

The tight fisted, the world 

its disgust, 

at those, whose hearts widened, 

whose hands open to giving 


detest, subjectiveness to the words kindness

To the heart that spares their last meals 

To the heart that survives on a good conscience 

To the one who genuinely dims it fit to share 

To care, to want to care---

What is this world coming to 

My love is curved, my care is rare, suspicious, unclear

There's more to his wholeheartedness 

To her sweetness 

To their every niceness

Nothing is free anymore 

Not even love

My heart shrinks in fear and thoughts…

Of how ... How many other hearts have

Photo credit: A-meike

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