Tuesday, January 4, 2011

our first meeting

i waited patiently for u
i long and long for ur return
for ur cold feeling upon my warm hands
i missd u last year
i wen i saw ur return was near
i swore il be there
u pleasure me like the moon pleasures the sky
when i see u ma eyes twinkle like the star
i saw u always
but i met u not
and so i longed
for the day
u ll breath on ma lips
for the day u ll moisten ma feet
for the day il feel happy and cold
under you
wen i was sad after i waited
i walked away  angry
wen i heard u wernt coming this year
i jumped in fear 
oh how slowly  i walked away
when i saw u truly werent comin
but as i walked u came
i dint notice but u came
closer and closer
i was lost
walking away in deep thought
and then i felt a cold breeze
breathe upon my skin like the wind
and i looked up and smiled
u were ere
wen i was sad u came
and u made our first meeting beautiful
and made me happier
than ever before
am glad u ere
cze we re gona av such wonderful times to share
and il neva let  u go
cze u re my very FIRST SNOW!!!

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