Friday, January 7, 2011

i have no clue of what i wana write

ok this blogging thing is a lil weird for me cze am just d writing-poem-and chilling-for-comment type of writer. story telling is definitely something im not in for. so first am thinking i should tell u a bit of ma life in this cold room of a country. coming here wasn't so exciting for me cze every other person was talking about it and i got irritated just the same way every dude talks about soccer. so im like yea whatever.i was officially pissed when i found out i was going on a 19hr journey..nope it wasn't 19 it was more i had a stop over at Qua-tar a non English speaking country. the travelling day was emotional. i was strong but ma lil cousin and mum just kept looking like i was going on a journey of no harsh punishment i almost suffered in hell of a school as Ada would say. i just pulled up ma pants and headed for the car with ma luggage. no way mumcy had us say a long prayer...a good one at that! finally i jumped in and squashed myself with the others accompany us to the airport. ok ma eyes got teary in the car as ma male family friend who somewhat had a crush on me told me he was gonna miss me..i felt for the dude cze he was teary too!! yay d special feeling! well ...i definately cried ma eye balls out wen i got a chance to...but i pulled ma braids back bravely and headed right back. we stopped at biggs and were almost late for our flight. we got to the airport and the checking was almost over..i rushed with ma sisi and dragged ma box behind. some hungry looking dude said we couldn't go in with heavy luggages and we had to split our stuff into ghana must go'es and shove 1000naira up the hungry looking dude's throat...arrrgh annoying.
so we got into ds dead plane for the first time and one cute oh asked me to come sit beside him cze  the plane wasn't filled like shooo!!! see this old-enough-to-be-my-father man ! am i that cute?? lols..anyways after a while myself and my sister decided it was best to have fun while it lasted. so we curdled up beside this dude-man-wtf-manly dude! he was the cutest youngest old man i had ever seen..those magical eyes..just kidding. so i was on this plane flirting with this man and all of that till we got to QATAR!!! dat country sucked the life out of me. sighs...ok so we got in there at about 12midnight and were very  hungry. this kind man was leaving to China and i was definitely gonna miss him. we took some pictures got his number and he gave me $5 we stayed up in the airport walking around laughing at old short women and crazy dude speaking their chin chong! we walked to the mall looking for what we weren't gonna buy or nigerians to chat with! in this country..hmmm not a chance! we walked out empty handed and headed upstair where free food was served. i hoped to meet a nigerian there of i did two in fact ! one dude i saw at d airport who had yam in his and another dressed up like he was going for a meeting with his pointed shoes. we could tell they were jjc!! just like we were ..but of course u couldn't tell we were. we walked to the food counter and couldnt find anything that screamed Nigerian sad! we had fries and walked away in anger!!now we could feel we had left nigeria for real! i was sad real sad...and by 6am i was exhausted. six hours of no sleep!! i was vexed..9hrs stop over and no room to sleep? now thats just horrible! jumped in line at 9 and in the plane at about i come yankees..i need some food and some rest! shorter flight boring partner- some indian woman and horrible plane food made ma tommy rumble! ma dad was the happiest man on earth at the time he found us at the airport! he just wanted to have someone to keep him company and to cook his meals..just kidding .. we got into this car and drove to our new home! we got home and a sigh of relief i breath when i smelt the red stew from outside. my tommy smelt it too and jumped in before me sat on the couch and had a good meal of Eba and Stew!

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