Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Bad enough that there is a car sitting in front of the house, worst still no one to drive it :(.... Strolling to the bustop to wait for the 99 Old Court bus. Nice day, real nice day. Even if I had this test I din't really study for, I still felt good about the day. As I strolled to the bustop, I checked my watch and realized it was too early to go home, I decided to just relax and watch the next season of CHUCK. Just as the day was getting better, it was also getting weirder; as I got to the bus-top I met this guy...wait ... not again!!! Its was the guy from my first blog post, the one that had the sweetest Nigerian accent( My first College crush). I smiled to myself as he looked up to admire the beautiful lady in blue- that's me . Turning his head quickly as my eyes met his, I realised he still remembered, apparently I can't hide my "unrealistic" feelings or maybe he does like me...oh well...not like I care (who am I kidding, I want him to like me, must girls always crush first?) shouldn't it be more like    ...I'm not even sure. I just stood under the hot sun and slipped my shades on.
As if standing in the sun wasn't enough punishment to fry my brain, stealing glances from each other at random times wasn't necessarily a bustop romantic deal :( ..... Oh by the way , i got me a cute boyfriend and he probably would read this ...Hey Love ....just reminiscing ..
We finally strode into this bus together and as I was thinking of where to get off purchase my swim cap, my 2nd college crush came strolling in.
It was real awkward. Once I decided i'll just get off at the next stop, since there was a swim store around the corner crush 1 pressed the bell and I figured he was getting of too...heck no ...I did not want to get off because I didn't want him to think I was stalking him. I just decided to sit still and steal glances from my second crush.  My other crush turned around to look at me and as I started to smile, he got up and got off the bus with my crush 1. I know my dream guy has a car but common if I have that kinda dream I should include myself in the car driving business, we meet at the RED stop  light and stuff like that or better still he crashes into my car and its some minor bruises, takes me to the hospital and there starts the love story ( this is what happens when you watch too many Nigerian movies ...smh) ..but yea since I don't drive, my dream guy/ crush / the one I secretly admire cannot have a car...its just my standard procedure :) ....anyways he hopped out and I rushed back to my sit, that was pretty humiliating, I turned back to see if either of them noticed and both of them were staring at my side of the bus. Someone scream AWKWARD
...na which kin crushing be this? They crushed my afternoon and topped it by looking at each others eyes after realizing they were both staring at me ....poor me ....no store ...no crush...more boredom!
I stumbled on this music on here ..actually I stumbled on two of them .... Wale, the Akata is the bomb :) ....enjoy
Wale- No one be like you

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