Thursday, June 30, 2011

Father's Day : My fathers Day

Alright its been a while I visited so i decided to stop by. I have no idea of what to blog about but im just gonna keep typing till it hits me and........ yes it has!!!!!
Fathers day was exciting to say the least
P.S: The meaning of the word "Exciting" has been changed from 'Causing great enthusiasm and eagerness' to Boring and agitating.
The first half of the day was pretty intresting ( the true meaning of intresting) with the energized church service, gifting dad (Fathers day parole) and dressing up for a birthday party.
It was pretty exciting to go with pops to his friends party cause it has been a while we had time for stuff like that (school exams and ish ) plus we arent the Tie-Gele-wear-yoruba-cloth or better still wear-skimpydress-heels-pantyhose-and colored purses kinda party rocker. Infact we hardly party so yeah My dad was really happy we could make time to do this- especially during this Father's day celebration parole.
Threw on this slip-on dress and did a few coloring, face dabbing and all that girl stuff. Set out with dad and the *excitment* kinda began.
Dad: "Hey, you think this shoe suits the occasion ?"
Funmi: "Its alright daddy, you could do better though :) "
Dad: Sighs... lets check this shoe store, I could get somefn better
Fortunately/unfortunately, my sister wanted these cute shoes for my dad's fathers gift but was too broke to afford them shoes. First shoes that caught my dads attention, I was like mehn dad was meant to have those shoes ...did some cute trying on and went to the register to pay. Daddy jokingly fussing about the cost of them shoes and all of that , playing with the cashier while I was hurting on my heels
P.S: swimming is slowly stealing my leg's joy :(  
Anyways we finally got on our way and arrived some 6pm or somewhere around that time.
Usually, leaving home at 6pm is a disaster cze my pops is always like 6pm?
this time we were gonna hang out with him till he was ready to leave and all of that....
Arriving at the venue was the most *exciting thing* ever. We found out that there were no cute boys or even girls to hang out with, wait did I say cute...take out the Boys or Girls or Dudes or Chicks well there was this one chick ....but yea hat was it...The party was my dads friends birthday party and get-together!!! Mehn I wan faint. Am sure you were expecting the same thing I was na..abi ?

Anyways my dad introduced us to his friends that we havent seen in ages, well I hadn't seen at all because obviously I was a baby and bla...and the men go "oh, are thes your daughters? pretty gehs, those babies of yesterday, oh yea I was there for her naming ceremony....." I was like really? Alright I can do this, ill try to have fun, but you know sometimes you convince yourself you are gonna try to have fun no matter what but its just almost impossible, that was my case, my very own case, I guess my sister felt the same way too because she took out her phone and started texting everyone she could..
If she text you , you'll probably know what am saying but if not ...thats your Business...jk...SHE EVEN TEXTED ME...I was right beside her....!*excitement uhn* ...yea right
We went to get ourselves some food and then tried to get acquinted to the chick whose name was Nike. She was a cool girl though but mehn 3 girls in the midst of all those Old Papa- No offense Daddy  :)
After I got tired of texting, I took some more food and sat to watch all these old men drink and all... I was like this is getting intresting. Drinking and gisting and dancing and much fun for them uhn....
The celebrant even tried to cheer us up with what he thought was *today's Music* ...well it was but you know it still wasnt really helping I wanted to scream

 But I had to maintain, to chill sha... or you know in English - to Endure.
Trust me Enduring boredom is crazy:
Anyways the drinking daddies ended up getting drunk and the drama began,
they started to rumble and grumble and dance with their potbellies on the dance floor. It was really a funny, silly sight to behold.
Alchol flowing like water from a shower and oldies music booming from the poor speakers :( .... My  dad's friend decided that my sister was best for his soldier/ army son in Cali....mehn abeg sister if you go marry army ehn , hmmmm On.Your.Own oh!!!!
Anyways Drunk men dancing and wining and getting on the floor wasnt my perfect picture of Fathers Day but am glad my dad had fun. At least we helped in painting his perfect Fathers Day picture !!!! you seens 
Jelo's Tonight we are going down  "On The Floor" ft. Pitbull ?

Alright Imagine all them club people as Old drunk men dancing.....and Jelo as......a old grumpy.... Deal wf Jelo later!!!! But yeah : it was an *exciting* day and guess what : we got home a little o'er 11pm and had to get up some 4am for swimming the next day : POOR ME .....

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