Saturday, January 14, 2012


Blogging is like the easiest thing ever but I have no idea on what to blog about!
Actually I do remember going out yesterday. So I am still with the 'Leggedis Benz' crew but I needed desperately to get out of the house yesterday! It was like I was a prisoner in my own house (staying at home is Kick-Ass Boring). I hadn't been anywhere in a while apart from church and probably grocery shopping so i needed to get out of the house ASAP. I called up Whitney- she lives very close in my crew of the Benz things and she desperately needed out too cause she was cooking too much(when she is bored she cooks----> such weird friends i have got)!!!
Okay we met @ the stop light after figuring we needed to get to the bank, heres the deal; the ATM is a walkable distance from our houses but in 39 degree Fahrenheit or 3 degree centigrade cold- heck no! It aint that bad cold but the fact that all my life I lived in 100 degree heat makes it bad for me 
Anyways we decided we weren't gonna walk that far cause it was also breezy so we opted for the drive through option.
Standing on the queue with lined up cars isn't exactly a pretty sight--- by the way we were behind the last car arrow.jpgStarbucks_and_Bank_of_America_Drive_Through.jpg  

Whitney had troubles with the machine, for some reason to her the machine was speaking gibberish- the people in the cute cares kept honking at us and then I unleashed my inner ghettoness, it was so much fun but it hurt when one said I should go get me a car... but I hd a very good come back for her ass ! Anyways all through our journey we prayed and hoped the angry people @ our back would come no where close to finding us and crushing us with their cute cars. 
I finally realized I need to start driving as soon as possible (taking the bus aint sexy atalls ).
Anyways I stumbled on this Nigerian song ---and I am loving it 

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