Sunday, May 27, 2012

Diary of A Nigerican

Been a while honey's. Been busy studying for finals and trying to decide which of my drafts should end up being posted. Just before I write this - I have an Amazing Boyfriend!
Anyways this post is supposed to be about how Funmi suffers in the hands of these Americans- Aka - Oyinbo- aka- Amelicans...aka- Kill me for the last one- Aka*a(i mean the food ;) )
On Sunday i went to church and it was most fabulous i should say, after then i was home chilling till like 7:20 when suddenly my phone rang- "Hey Funmi, I am bored, you wanna hang out with me tonight?" ONLY WHITNEY will call me at that time of the day to hang out. I only do broad day light hangouts!. Anyways considering the fact that we didn't drive, going to the mall at that time was just silly. It would take us about an hour 30 minutes to get there and the mall closes @ nine. Anyways like i predicted, we acted like two hyper people on a weird journey, i was putting on some make-up on the train(super ghetto :) ) and whitney was .. iono in her world??
We ended up seeing the dictator, I found it funny... and funnier when Whitney thought the white dude sitting beside her was a girl :O
Tuesday was just weird- I had to work all Day and i was feeling sick :(
On Wednesday- i met up with Benjamin ( a Nigerian friend of mine i met online). The guy is gentle oh. My friend and I had to travel on the bus for about two hours to meet this majestic Dude... He was pretty prim and proper and he likes my friend :) . they were all "lovey dovey" all through the day.-------------------------------------------------->
P.S I think he hates me cze i was too naughty and loud for him :( but hey he likes my friend.... :) Damn they both look like they need *themselves as lovers*
Thursday was hella hectic- More work to do , i felt really sick and i had the Honors awards thingy @ night... Me after the Honors ceremony--------------------------------->
I lost weight from being sick :(
Friday --ermm oh yea i had to work too (despite i was sick)....i got home layed on the couch and was just tired.
I stumbled on these nigerian songs - Oma ga (tiwa Savage) and Gaga crazy(Chuddy k)... my two national Anthems
or you might prefer Tiwa's better... she is amazing 

Anyways I was gonna tell you how hard life is living as a Nigerian in .. yankees but my story took a turn- Il keep my title
P.S- I haven't seen avengers, i guess im just looking for the right person to go see it with.


  1. Hmnnn...interesting. 9ice post. keep it up!

  2. Interesting!! LOL and I hope you're feeling better!!

  3. @Niyi thanks
    @Kiki I think i am now :) thanks