Friday, November 16, 2012

Would you RUN?

This post is going to be relatively short but I just felt I suffered this blog in silence for too long.
I transferred from my former school to another college and I have been very conservative about meeting people and hanging out because of my work load and because I just want to get a little acquainted with the environ. So my thing is: With this new school I met a lot of new people
My old friends and I are still together but they are also meeting a lot more people and its getting way way diverse. I just wanted to share this cause I was starting to think I was going crazy.
This day, my friend and I were at the bustop waiting for the bus and we see this dude lay in the grass.
Apparently we were going to board the same bus. On getting in, my friend and I kept wondering what race he was. Oh by the way we are obsessed with Koreans ( We love them , their culture, language, everything). So we are wondering "Is this some Korean dude we can make friends with?". Finally, my friends sums up some courage and asked him. It turned out he was from The Philippines. Our conversation, or rather ... his conversation with my friends went really well and we were exchanging numbers after meeting him a few times. I thought he was adorable.
Well till my friend tells me he is mad at her... (I had to fast forward this story) and Im saying thats impossible ... plus he is left handed. I love left handed people.
They tried to talk it out and that was it.  So Im thinking, she is probably just overreacting.
She comes up the next day laughing and saying. I saw him today and when he saw me he ran--> Like Funmi he ran away!
I honestly doubted her... like why would he run . They hugged it out innit? Plus normal people dont run when they are angry at someone else.
Then he stopped talking to me and says I did something to upset him also, He has no time to tell me what it is and the likes. On tuesday, this guy saw me and literarily placed one hand on his back and starts to run. Then the funny thing happened. I thought the only reasonable reason for him running is simply because it was raining . But he stops right in the middle of the rain at a far distance from me, looks backs like he was scared and walked hastly across. I was so stunned.
My question was: Why did he run... From my friend and from Me
When you are upset with someone, is avoiding them the first thing that comes to your mind?
 Knowing me, I would avoid someone so I don't get over the top upset and when Im calm enough, I just might go talk to them.
But would you run?

I have no idea how running from someone works cause I'm not a runner!
What might I have done that warrants him to literally run?
Anyways Im trying to learn this new dance but I suck :( , I still love the song though
Thanks for stoping by
Adios Amigos

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