Monday, December 3, 2012

HeartBreak Hangover

I am sitting at work expecting a folder for some new students. Life is just boring at the moment. School, a job and nothing left to offer. Worried about my professors and getting to my work on time and all that stuff that spinsters worry about.
I'm not sure what to write but I ll start with this and hopefully TJ doesn't find out about this story.
It was a long lonely day. I had just come out of a bad break up. I needed something fun, Just like I am craving now. Something to boost my morale, something to make me feel better. A hug from the opposite sex would take away a little of my pain. I had gone through this before. Being unaccepted for who I was, been looked down upon and bullied. Been tortured and molested. Been insulted beyond repair. I was broken. I lost my self esteem.
He never did
 Those boy told me I didn't have a reason to live. But I didn't slice my wrist or do other degrading stuff, I Just cried. My best friend helped me through those times. I was back up flirting with the guys I possibly could. Much older than I was.
But one time, I was infatuated. I feel for him so deep and like before, I was humiliated. I didn't cry much, I just wanted revenge.

... It was a long lonely day
I walked out of the house with a backpack, some food in it for my sick mother, and my family friend who was out of my league. I sat in the hospital slightly worried about my mother and recovering thinking about how i was a fool again. I heard my name, my friend from elementary school was standing at a distance. She was glowing. I felt a tint of jealousy as I walked over. We conversed... about old times, about middle school, we talked about the silly pranks we pulled on our teachers, and about our other classmates. Then she mentioned TJ.The name excited me. We exchanged numbers and since I was told TJ lived in the neighbourhood, i collected his number too, desperate for attention or revenge (call it whatever you may).
His voice was so husky. We just got out of high school, I was surprised. I introduced myself, we got talking and we met up. He looked least of what I had expected. I did not care about looks so I played along. We got a little intimate. I met his mother and his Grandmother. He was a sweet guy, sweet and innocent , and he was crazy about me. I cared about him, but not enough to tell him I was using him, to get over the ex. I knew i was travelling either ways, It was not gonna pose much problems. He asked me out and I said no. I toyed with his emotions, made him fall ... fall for me. And that day , I gave him one last kiss and was gone, never looked back. I travelled and left him in his own world, heart broken, Just as I was ... heart broken.
At least I wasn't the only one suffering!


  1. Powerful story with a cruel ending. TJ must have been hurt. Do you really feel for him?

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  3. Everyone felt for Tj, I did too