Friday, December 21, 2012



                 Blazing Sunlight, The beauty of nature
                 The writer sits and writes, Inspiration from the tree's stature
                 Wondrous skin of the Caucasian, White signs red from the
                 The alarms blowing loud, skies glowing from the brightness
                 of the cloud
                 The One moment where everything flashes before your eyes
                 Not flashes but questions, actual questions
                 If my life ends today, what would my loved ones have to say
                 Choking from toxins, Fear in every being
                 We got out safe... Then I worried about my phone!
                                                                TWENTY 1ST
                 Cars screeching, Deja vu
                 Global movement, Wait! The globe is really moving
                 I'm freaking out, Lord forgive me Sinner
                 Its a new day, probably my last
                 Arise the sun, I rise. Trees unusually quiet
                 No one really knows about the end
                 Is this really the end?  Clasping my hands,I pray!
                 Extra careful, knife might cut me
                 Vacuum might suck me
                 The neighbor, the mean looking one just might ...BANG!!
                 What was that?! THATS IT!!
                 So I'm here...with my pad and pen
                 Thinking about Evil Plots...writers block
                 I'm just scared of the unknown, the 1 after 20
                 The Twenty 1st
                 But isn't everyday unsure, Like it could really be our last
                 Everyday ... is like the 21st
                 So live it like its your last


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