Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The clouds turn blue black, the wind is running, running from the arriving thunderstorm, the birds are singing, crying, wailing as they fly through the dark clouds to their warm home, their nest, the lightning whispers to the thunder and the thunder answers back but here I am, sitting calmy looking through the skies, warm and cozy in my new bed.
The weather was super weird , very warm yet very cold and humid, I swear I wanted to puke. I couldnt stand the cold the sky brought from heaven nor could i stand the heat the heater emitted. Im trying hard to concentrate on sleep but it just seems to have by past me
Its raining heavily.... I drift... My eyes slowly kissing each other, over and over....
 Funmi, I hear my mum scream my name...
I had to get the laundry from outside. I was learning to hand wash, had spread a few clothes outside and the rain was threatening them. I ran to the backyard, packed my clothes. I knew what I was having for dinner. It was a Friday.. we always had Moi-Moi ( Its this bean cake with some spice. Really good with some cassava flake- Garri ).

         Great meal a little sweet from the garri and spice from the moi-moi.
We sit in the house afterward, anticipating the exit of electricity . It always happens. Just like Hurricane Sandy took away the electricity, we loose power whenever the rain comes in (well most times). While anticipating, we  come together as a family and watch a drama series (very silly one called papa Ajasco and company).
Well that night things were a little different.
I walked into the house and look at my pregnant mother, she puts some water on the fire and says we are having something different. The TV came on and another show popped on. Then the electricity stayed. I knew something was wrong. At the time Dad had traveled to the east so there was no family time that night. I looked at my mother as she prepared our dinner, I felt sad and happy. I wasn't sure why. She used to look so strong but now she looked weak and pale. After dinner, I didn't see her but everyone else seemed to know where she was. The door opened and my dad walked in, he had forgotten something. I turned to see my cousins whispering to my dad. He looked anxious, I wanted to know what was going on... but I was too young to understand.
I said I wanted to come.. mum was in the hospital... I couldn't explain my emotions...
We walked in... I can't remember how we got into the room but there she was, her eyes sparkled, she looked tired and my dads eyes, there was something about it. He held her hands... I looked to the side and there he was... a little baby, in his cot.
AND... he was the cutest thing ever!
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