Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stories From Before 1

Only the eleven graders are allowed to cheer! I grinned as I swayed by. I had been waiting for this a long time. I whispered to my best friend "here we go babiee!"
After learning the routine for two weeks, our instructor decided he needed a helping hand. He hired this tall, muscular guy, young and well read, cute and boy he dressed nicely. Every girl started whispering to her partner. Being a girls-only school this was gonna be fun. New guy, cute guy, new routine and girls who just wanted him to notice them. I didn't bother trying, he would never notice...My best friend looked at me and we walked to the back of the room.
My phone rang, Hey bestie... she told me she had some girl gist she wanted to spill but it wasn't meant for phone. She was in another state at the time so I anticipated returning to school. Sunday came and we were back.
 So what's up?
Her Boyfriend had messed up. Again. But... she was not upset, she had met this new guy that helped her through the times her boyfriend was no longer there. I want to meet him... not like I din't think they should get back together, I just felt she needed another man to show her boyfriend what he was taking for granted. She smiled back and said.. "you know you will...soon". That smile was fishy, I knew there was something exciting she wasn't spilling. 
Tuesday and we are back to this practice, the sweaty, tall, muscular dude... I just loved looking at him. He was too old for me though, but there was no one that was gonna stop me from staring...well us, all of us. I turned to look at my best friend, she didn't seem to care. She didn't even make rude remarks about him today, she was obviously thinking about what her boyfriend had done. I didn't want to go too far, when the right time was near she would tell me everything.
We were done with our routine in no time, the new guy was working it.
After practice, she wanted to walk around the field...to clear her head probably. As we returned, he stood there and waved, the new guy?... no... the new instructor guy!

So, he is the new guy. Wow. Omg we both jump in excitement as we head to our dormitory. "I can't believe it". When, where, how? Apparently, he was the gentle man that saved her from humiliation when her boyfriend was screaming at her at his school (he was in college by the way). He's cute and he's a gentle man too? I'm glad she knows him. Well, she knows him, I know him...In the end, I'm glad.
After every practice, we had to pretend to take our usual walks and hide it from the other girls (that we knew him). We didn't want too much pressure from the *lustful girls* in our sacred Only Girls School. 
I was just glad my best friend met someone that was nice enough to save her...plus he was cute too.
Little did I know cuteness wasn't gonna save me.

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