Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stories From Before 2

...cuteness wasn't gonna save me.

His smile and his loving eyes, so sacredly blissful. He was perfect for her. Plus he was fun too.  He would come visiting on Saturdays and bring the nicest gifts, even when he knew we still met every Tuesday. He was the epitome of niceness.
My best friend was trying to get back with her ex. I thought she was dumb... In my opinion she was plain stupid. This new cuteness has been sent to you from heaven, why must you re-invite the devil into your life.
The truth was, I had no idea how the real story was. Why her ex, who seemed so perfect, was the problem. I never understood the real genesis of the fight. All she inferred was that he was a jerk and I didn't deserve to hear how much he had hurt her... But now she wants him back?
The bond between Bestie and "Cuteness" grew tighter and I was secretly looking forward to them getting together. He could erase the ugly memories of "The Ex" and give her a brighter future.
One Saturday afternoon, Cuteness came to visit and offered that we sneaked out of school to have a little fun. I was a little skeptical but since we already had so many secrets, within ourselves and away from school, I figured it wasn't such a bad Idea. We changed our uniforms into something comfy, wore some make up and sneaked out. We went to his college and just sat at the love garden. After feeling so left out and hearing their conversation on who was gonna go to the bank to withdraw some more money, I offered to help. He once said he trusted me with his bank account, maybe I was too nice or maybe a little too naive. I wasn't gonna take his money.
I went to see my friend who also schooled in the college. He said I should give them a little more time to *relax* and we went to the bank together.

Once I was sure "The Ex" wasn't coming back into the picture, I was happy. Cuteness was gonna be around to take care of Bestie for a really long time. He took us out and I had my first Alcohol, at 15. I was getting used to sneaking out of school. It was so much fun, besides once my friends in school found out , they thought I had become a "Big Girl". Months after executing out  our cheer routine, Cuteness was still very much around. He had grown on us. I think I had a thing for him, but his flirty wink when my friend wasn't looking didn't mean anything. He was some funny guy.
Our Inter house sport was fast approaching. I was already some months in to the 12th grade, and in being my last year in high school, I was pretty excited.
My phone rang...It was a call from "The Ex"
"What do you want?". He wanted to come over on Inter house sport day. He sounded desperate. There was something I was missing. But he was a jerk...He was playing tricks on me...
 Or was he not?

A day to Interhouse sport. Cuteness and Bestie had some kind of secret talk. I asked her why she seemed upset, "He just wanted to make sure we were clear about that jerk". Cuteness and Bestie weren't official yet. But I didn't care, they were perfect for each other and the more they were together, the  less I remembered his age. Five...wait.. Six years isn't enough to stand between two love birds.
Cuteness called my phone that evening. "We have been unfair, we have hidden things from you, there is a lot you should know and about the money you gave her some weeks ago...hmmm, don't tell her about this. We'll see tomorrow".
I walked back in. Wow,what was I missing, the white pill, was it? wait...
My phone rang again, this time it was the Ex.
"I told you to stop calling"
"Just hear me out", he said "...there is something you should know... I feel guilty that you do not know about this, after the way you were so nice to me ... to her .. to us".
"what is it"?
All of this didn't make sense.
My best friend yelled for me. "I have to go man.We 'll talk tomorrow".

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