Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Beauty of Randomness

This particular post is about the most random things, hopefully we can all get something out of it.

Being in college is difficult sometimes. One could get to a point where we feel like we haven't actually reached where we hoped to be, we are still at a point where X+Y isn't seeming relevant in our career goals or our day to day life. I just go to that point and I feel some other people are going through the same thing right now, Its okay, you are not alone!
(Just a little something I wanted to let out)
In the end, we still gotta keep striving and working to get good grades and to find our purpose. After all, gold isn't pretty when it first starts out.

Oh yea I have a fear, very big fear for dogs and puppies. They are beautiful n cute but their bark sends me straight to fear-land. However, I met this cute puppy, it didn't for once bark. I held him in my hands, I just had to get a picture. Now I want a puppy :)

Get over your fears people! 
I'm so proud of me!
And by the way, I'm getting addicted to buying shoes. I bought about 6 pairs last week, I think I might just give them out! These are the two newest ones. I'm still expecting the spiky one.

Picture does it no justice-- And it was just $9.89
This was just $5 
Another thing,
I bought these short / 3 quarter, what would I call it now? It has been in my wardrobe because I haven't found the perfect top to go with it. Im guessing Kike would have the right answer. Let me know if you have any ideas on what I could pair with those. I really love them and I just hate to seem them stare at me everyday.
Trying it out at the store
Okay I decided to share two outfits I really love from Last year and early this year. I feel as though they are pretty simple and comfortable too. Let me know what you think

This purse is one of my favorites

Loving maxi dresses 

Last week was valentines week. Going through my stuff from high school I pulled this out . Its from a girlfriend of mine, she gave me this four years ago and till this day I appreciate her for the seemly little gesture that touched me. Hopefully we understand that friendship is a give a take thing. We should always show our friends and loved ones how much we love them.

Leaving you with this:
Love is action, 'I love you' doesn't always cut it. You love them, you've got to show 'em.
God's penmanship has been signed with a language called


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  2. See this Sexy Lepa... Love this post tho...

  3. OMG! Those shoes at those prices? How come? LOL. Are they from Ebay or Amazon?

    Speaking about QC, I was on Google map yesterday looking at QC. I zoomed in to see if I could still figure out all the different parts of the school! lol


  4. lol I played around with that also. The spiky shoes are from amazon but the other one is from a store :)