Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stories From Before 3

My best friend yelled for me. "I have to go man.We 'll talk tomorrow".
Honestly, from all drama, I wanted out! After the ceremony, I walked over to my best friend. We were to meet cuteness and hang out for the rest of the day.
Plans changed, apparently bestie forgot to mention that she and cuteness had a little argument and she was seeing a new guy for the day. As I walked away to look for cuteness, I ran into "The Ex". He stopped me..."You have no idea what's going on, she is into some ...". Cuteness yelled out my name from behind, "I'm sorry I have to go...I don't wanna hear any more lies. Somehow, Cuteness found a way for us all to hang out without causing a scene with bestie and "The New Guy".

As we walked over to the dinner table, "The Ex" showed up! It was such a drama, The Ex, and his friend The New Guy, Cuteness, Myself and my best friend. I figured since they all had something to work out, scooting over to another table with a little more privacy would work for me.
Soon cuteness joined me on my lonely table. He told me that my friend had a lot hidden from me. He said I had been a good friend and I deserved to understand a side of her I have been too blind to see. As he started to talk about the pill, my best friend walked over. "what are you guys talking about?" , She seemed a bit tensed and uncomfortable. "Go finish up your issues with them", I said as I pointed over to the other table. She reluctantly got up and walked back to her chaotic table.

"Let's get out of here"
We walked over to a bar and he ordered some drinks. Somewhere in a movie, I had seen a lady switch cups with her man and I just wanted to play around, so I switched around our cups. (To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about drinking with him without anyone else around.). He started to tell me about my friend getting pregnant. She was a sex addict, had had series of abortions and was taking pills for her most recent one. I was in shock. How could she.... the white pills, the money she borrowed, her weeping parents in our guardian's office.... It all made sense. Her Ex was upset about the whole situation. He was embarrassed by her relatives who continually accused him of sending her to a quack doctor. The argument at his school was about her been negligent of her body, series of abortions and her smoking and drinking habits. She was only 16. I was devastated.
I looked at my watch. I had to hurry back to school. I wasn't about to be smelling like alcohol.
When I arrived back at the restaurant, they weren't there. They all left me. I didn't have the nerve to sneak back into school without her. After trying their numbers in vain, I decided to wait for them to return. We sat at the table. Ordered some more food and talked into the night.

I looked at my watch, It was a quarter past one. I was screwed. There was no way I could get back into school. My mum had called. I was entirely freaked out. Cuteness was there staring and smiling. He looked so cute.
"what's the matter"? I.. its.. a quarter past one. Where am I supposed to sleep? what was I going to do?
He told me to be calm. We walked back to the bar, there was a guest house beside it. After talking to the attendant, he decided to pay for a night . I could rest my head, and go back in tomorrow, I was grateful. He just saved me. We had a few more drinks as we waited for the room to be ready. I had to not feel like a small girl. I could handle a few more drinks.
As I walked into the room, I thought about how nice he had been all day. He even promised to let me spend the night alone. What a man!
 He had to go get me some credit for my cell phone as I got a little comfortable in the room. He staggered back in the room, his eyes Bloodshot...He locked the door behind himself.
I looked at him in fear, I was beginning to understand everything... His argument with my friend ... this guest house was the same from my best friends past stories of him but I was so naive. He walked over the couch where I crawled in, I started to scream.... "if you scream, people are gonna ask you what you are doing here in the first place".
He started to grab my robe, I ran across the room begging him to let me go. He caught me, tossed me on the bed, pulled off my robe.


I woke up the next morning, I had my robe on but was shivering from the cold in the room. I looked around, he was sleeping. I didn't want to remember what happened last night. I checked to see if there was any blood stain, none! He did not have sex with me! I could remember faintly he made me do some weird stuff... things I never knew existed but then ... I... yes! ... He must have slept off. I slid back into my clothes, my phone rang- Mother was worried sick about me, I had to go home. He woke up and offered to get me home safely on the condition that I walked around his campus with him. He just wanted to show off....I was another one of those girls. I walked out of the school in shame. I didn't care about being a big girl anymore.


  1. What a jerk... I could tell from the beginning he was just playing her. I bet he didn't even really like "Bestie" to begin with... I wonder if her and the Ex ever got back together??