Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi guys,
I decided to post today because of this snow that kept me from school.
Its been a really rough set of weeks for me. I just had a couple of things to share with you guys.
While browsing through youtube I came across a video that changed my perception of things. Although I am from the very famous Lagos city in Nigeria, I never realized half the things people went through there. After watching about 4-5 videos on you-tube, I understood a lot of people in the world's view on Africa and I kind of vowed to myself to stop hiding the bad and portray all of what I know about my continent.

On the other hand, I became overwhelemd with some emotional drama. It tore me down but I'm gradually rising above it. God always listens. I apologize I haven't been able to post any pictures. I have been too lazy to do any shoots because I hate the cold (poor me my body wasn't made for it :( )but hopefully soon enough il be here with some more pictures. I was going to post a lot more pictures but my phone formatted itself so I'm down to these two.

Remember these Shoes from the last post!

I apologize for the bad quality though. Here are a few other pictures I wanted to share.

Summer 2011
I love the above picture a lot, I had to share.

Hand made Purse
This furry looking thing is a handmade purse I acquired a year back. Anyone have any ideas on what to pair it with?! Help me out!! 

Another $5 buy. I especially love the African-looking Print
My Addiction for shoes is getting intense by the day!

I found this picture of mat design. I think its pretty amazing... Its definitely something I'll incorporate into my traditional wedding!

I saw this vanity plate n I had to take a picture. What would your vanity plate say if you had one?

Guys Guys... Imma be doing another fashion shoot very soon. Im pretty excited! Watch out :)
Thanks for stopping by 


  1. I love that first outfit SO much! Where is the blazer from?

    1. Thanks!! I got the blazer while I was thrifting sometimes last year :)