Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi guys,
Its the middle of the week and I feel a wave of poetry blow through me, so I'm gonna freestyle. My friend asked me to write a poem about them so lets see

Adore her
She is one of a kind
Silly and stupid, yet she blows my mind
Lol I called you stupid for the silly things you made me do
Actually I did them because I really cared for you
So smart , goal driven, search her mind, you ll find a thousand words
She was my very first inspiration, my desire to write sprung from your stories
Pretty and smart, yea pretty smart
The times I knew you was short but worth it
remember one time I got you a wristwatch
It took me forever and more money to buy such
But in you I found something
You are like a rare gem, forget haters, you destroy em
Sweet and kind... oh so kind
You make good stories, I wonder about your mind
You were nice so nice I was gonna choke
The friends that lingered around you left when you were broke
But I tried to stay till I found someone new
She left me but you still here...
Far away and not minding your phone!
Hopefully we hang out soon
Forwardly endowed, I was backwardly jealous
lol its all good, I bet you hate to run
But through thick and thin we suffered together in the sun
And the days of you having extra beret, or I having extra beret was all fun
I just remembered the times when I was rude
I would shout at you after holding on to your Naira
Really wasn't my desire
I was just flat broke, it was my only hope
So much more to write but I ll save that for later
I just know you are awesome
Guys Adore Her
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