Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HeartBreak Hangover - Letter to an Ex

In the end I lost
In the end I lost
A great battle so well fought
The laughter the struggle the times the joy
Is nothing but a mere story
Story I'Il cherish till I'm no more
It was a part of me....
But I let it go, Im not sure why
But happiness wasn't my call
I was burdened, trust wasn't in the game
We laughed, intimacy and joy, but it was never the same
I thought to myself, maybe we will meet again
But Im thinking you probably aren't up for that bargain
I solemnly wish me well Im gonna need it a lot
But above all.. I wish that you understand hurt wasn't my intent
You are hurting deeply I know, but i'm feeling agony I won't pretend
I feel as though a crucifixion to your part of my heart has begun
Remind me again - I'll never find someone as honest as you
Well honestly, you wont either.
I didn't have to let go but if I didn't I probably would have hated you
and me more
Some of my greatest secrets lie in your hand... so keep it well
I wish you were here to wipe these tears
I wish I didn't let go
I wish i didn't loose
But someone had to let go, it was getting obvious
Again do not despise me, Im struggling to put a smile on me
And so you know, all this has nothing to do with being devious
Its just Absence makes the heart grown fonder
In this case Absence wasn't what we had
Distance .... yea it was distance
It butchered me... and  in the end
I was lost in deep thoughts
of how to keep you safe till we weren't apart
But I guess my soul, my heart wanted to depart
And In the end, I lost 

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