Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Her View

It was a chilly evening, glass covered with mist, the railings hanging to the side of the walls, rails rocky as a hill. I walked down the stairs and there he was with the darkest grin. His eyes deep with anxiety, he seemed like he didn't want to be disturbed. I had to sit,
"Do you mind if I sat here?"
"Oh no, go ahead" he said, with an unimaginable smile. His countenance changed within a second. He seemed a lot more approach, calm and self-relieving.
We chatted for a while till my cab pulled up.

It was a busy Thursday, I had just gotten out of this horrific job was getting so stressful. I needed a break. I called my favorite cab driver and asked him to take me to this restaurant, blocks from my house. I just had a couple of shots and was headed for the bathroom when this stranger whispered from behind.....
I turned around! "Oh I remember you"....the guy from before. It was nice to see him all cleaned up this evening. He looked cuter than I remember. I ran to the bathroom after I had him hold my purse and that's how it all began.
He became the one I couldn't live a day without. Our love blossomed. We spent every hour talking when we were away from each other and when were together, we would spend time laughing, cooking, playing video games, anything- we would do together, and at night, he would make love to me. Every time, it felt new, different and I loved him more and more with each passing day.

 One Saturday evening, we walked to a park. We both loved going to parks. We held hands like every couple and chattered away, laughing and enjoying the weather. I loved how we would yell in the park when it gets dark, right before the light came on. We would both yell and then check our watches, countdown 10 seconds till 7 pm and then the lights came on.
The park was pretty empty that evening, as we started to count down, dim lights came on and at 7, the lights came on. He ran behind the trees and as I started to search for him, a tree lit up with the words "Will you marry me".... It was so romantic, I couldn't say yes... and suddenly a crowd from I'm not sure where started cheering, I teared into a yes. I love this guy, hell I love him so much.
We were doing okay till I lost my job. It was a struggle. My only source of live hood was gone and my fiance was not making enough to keep us both.
I walked into the house, he was playing video game. "Hey honey, what are you doing home early?", I asked. "I got fired!", you?
I got fired!!
"Its okay baby, come play some video game with me". He does things like this when he tries to get out of stuff. He is very responsible but once it scares him, he turns to video games till its dark.
 "I'm good" I said as I walked in the kitchen.

That night was not so great. Our first dull night together.

I went out the next morning to see my friend Mark. We spoke at length and after telling me about the different jobs he thought was right for me, he told me of his affection towards me.
Mike's job was to find jobs for people and although I had sensed he liked me, I wished he kept it strictly professional.
I got the job I applied for through Mark's help, my fiance still unemployed  seemed to be upset about the new job. He had not gotten a job yet and he was always supportive but he suspected that Mike was involved in some way with the job and that I was indebted to him. He was right... well In a way. But I didn't let it bother me, I was sort of the bread winner of the house now and I had to stay on top of my game.

After about three and a half months of staying home, playing video games and sketching new ideas for a business, my fiance got a job offer. Good pay, car allowance and all that we needed to balance our finances but he refused to take the job, it was not offering him all he wanted! I'm not sure why he felt like he was being closed out of what he really had in mind to do especially with the new ideas in his head.
My fiance was not the ambitious work driven man anymore, he seemed like he just loved to lay back and clean the house more than he loved to get a job. I honestly thought whatever job he got was a good start. He even refused to tell me why he was fired. He said it wasn't a big deal.
One time, I found myself so attracted to Mark. He was becoming nicer by the day, he bought me flowers on my birthday and even took me down the park later that evening. I couldn't tell my fiance I had a thing for him because of so many reasons. I loved my fiance but he was giving me reasons to doubt him.

HIS VIEW...coming soon!!!
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