Friday, May 24, 2013

My Last Day

I just saw my friend off.
I walked through the buildings, its too cold to walk outside. She calls my cell phone
"Sarah, be careful"
"It's my school, you be careful... I'll see you soon"
As soon as I hung up, I felt it!
We all have... running up the stairs and it feels as though some presence is right behind us, playin the race n catch game.
I felt it.
I pulled my coat in and walked faster. It was the middle of the night, students had checked out for the Christmas holiday but I was stuck in school. I had to finish this project I was working on... if I didn't finish it, I knew there was no way I was going to pull it off in a house full of aging uncles and agile cousins.
I remembered my friends words... " I think you should pull out of this project... I really think you should"
I always finished what I started, this project wasn't going to be an exception.
Why all these thoughts...
We all know the presence often plants the weirdest thoughts in our minds... for the rest of the night. I started to remember how this man died last week, it was so weird. He was about to cross the streets, a truck was approaching, I saw it all.... the brake system failed, he could not stop, the poor man was already half way across the road... the truck came dashing through and OUCH..
My toe...
OMG it hurts like hell... I wasn't looking...
Who puts a bench in a hallway like this. I tore out a piece of my skirt, tied it to my foot and kept limping on, I would walk across the library and be in my room in no time
So I Thought...
The lights went off, and the library lights too... Total darkness... Yea Its my school and I'm freaking out. I took my phone to call Vanessa... "Hey girl, I need company"
"You scared now?"...
"No, I just remembered something I had to tell you.... remember that guy from the bar?"
Vanessa? I tried dialing again... Stupid Assholes.. They had cut me off, I had to pay my phone bill.
I'm limping really fast, dragging myself by the pond side. Heavy wind pouring down, the trees are swaying pretty fast, and one falls....
 right in front of me. Holy Shit!
I had to get to my room, its the only building that has power...
I walk past the financial aid building up the hill and I hear a loud scream..... the glass windows begin to shatter.
I feel the presence ever so strong, I started running, my foot hurting so bad..... I'm almost there.... almost there..."STOP" A voice behind me... "stop"... "I can't" ... I knew if I did my foot would hurt like hell... no I knew if I did I Just might fall into the pond and drown, thoughts clouded my mind.
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, It started to snow!!... So I'm running and limping and its slushy, I'm freezing... but I'm there right there... across the road from my room, I run right across the road and this driver, blinded by a load of snow dashes past... I turned my body to the side... too late.. his tires ran over my foot...and again. I dragged my body across .... crawled to my room door, grab my keys. As I am contemplating to get up in pain and open the door or to sleep out in the dreaded cold... my roommate flings the door open.. right in my face! I let out a loud scream... she taps my shoulder,
"Stop screaming and wake up silly, its our last day of college... I'm going to take a shower"