Friday, June 7, 2013


Excuse my profanity!!

It's soft it's succulent
It's round and full and somewhat fluffy
Its fullness is heavenly......

And he says hi, he sizes you up... You smile like you won some free money. He chats you up, what more do you what?! Are you to be blamed? Not really, you wear that damn skirt, shorter than ever, fling that hair like you inviting him to play, your heels fights that gravity to your butt. Don't even get me started on that shirt like your nips don't know how to hide.

What's my point exactly?
Is it true women are sex addicts? I had a friend like that once, but then I can't speak for every one else.
You want him, you want him to want you... That's understandable ...
But the question is, what do you want him for? For now? Forever?
Do you want him - to care? To cuddle? To wipe your tears or to just fuck you.
Oh I know the pleasure is real, when he grabs your butt.... Or that heavenly sensation when he bits your tits.... Girl I know what you talking bout
Do you want him to do both?
This is me scolding really .... Nothing wrong with fucking, when you having fun... But fun doesn't always end well....
Think about when you go to that damn party, how it always starts out fun till there's some messed up ratchetness or some gun fire shit... Or bottles breaking... I can go on yo, I've seen violence, real violence
That's how it's gonna strike, when you are young n dumb and naive... You call him your fuck buddy or no definition at all... Till these damn feelings start creeping in.
In the end, the war, the violence in your heart would cause nothing but uncontrollable tears...
Respect your damn self lady...look - "if you know you can't eat something, do not bother smelling it."
Instead of trying to please someone that's dying to fuck you and dump you,
Trying to please them hoodlums, guys that don't got no future...
Please your damn self! Not everyone is a player!
Find someone who cares, who worries with you about your future, someone who is like a backbone to you...
I'm venting because I know half of us find that guy, and then ZONE the shit out of him.
Don't shut the damn door to the face of one who cares, because one day that door is gonna get slammed in your face.
Just get a man, who has it all.... A man who would make love to you and treat you like you are the most valuable one ever.
Men don't get me started...
Why you got to fuck and run. And if you a baby father who don't fucking care about your kids, why the fuck are you still fucking, you don't deserve that shit.
One more thing and I'm done.
If they ain't mature enough for themselves, the sure ain't mature enough for you...nothing can change that, not even you!

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