Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fool's Doom

This story is a result of a stressful day at school.... I'm not sure what my inspiration was but I present to you raw and unedited

*******FOOL'S DOOM********
Walking away from the doom that was spelling, I buckled my sandals and headed past. It was 9:06 am and I was already late for work. As I climbed up the stairs reluctantly, with the tightness of my skirt slapping against my bum and the buckle of my sandals piercing through what's left of the smoothness of my feet, I was thinking of a way to convince my boss that something tragic happened this time.
As I started to open the door, I rehearsed the line "Nana was really sick this morning..."

Her hair caught between his zipper, his glasses barely resting on his nose, and their eyes, the look in their eyes as I started to speak.
Joe was my coworker and Courtney, well Courtney was my boss. I had heard rumors about Joe and Courtney having an affair but Courtney was too strict a boss for anyone of us to believe she was.
"What are you doing here?!" I managed to utter, only after the adrenaline rush had slowed down... They looked like kids that were just caught stealing candy. First, they got really confused as to who I was referring to, before Joe managed to reply, "Lucy called, Your Nana is sick!". I took off my sandals, ran back to my car and started to dial Lucy.
This day is already sucking
The doom I was walking away from earlier this morning: My girlfriend, Fei, just broke the news of her pregnancy to her boyfriend, Gold.
Then walking into my coworker and Courtney in a position that spelt, "WE WERE TOTALLY SCREWING", emphasis on caps lock.

As I drove down the road to my house, I had a little panic attack. To think that Nana was really sick, I was worried that she was going to leave my 26 year old self on this lonely path of a sucky job, no male partner and college loans waiting to be paid. As I started to park my car, I noticed the chimney of the house was on fire. I was too freaked out to call the fire department, on first instinct, I ran to make sure everyone was okay before the whole house exhumed in flames. As I ran through the dark house, the smoke detectors wailing in the background, I stumbled into the kitchen and suddenly the kitchen became so bright... and Everyone, including Fei and Gold, bursted out: APRIL FOOL!!!
It was all Nana's idea to fool me. I totally forgot it was the first of April. See my family used to be very keen on making first of April jokes or April fool jokes as we would call it, but it stopped a few years ago till Nana thought it would be fun to revive the old "tradition."
I was shocked, surprised and more worried about my job than anyone else. I really shouldn't be worried, considering I just got a piece of information that could black-mail my boss, but I'm too sweet a person to do that kind of a thing.

I walked in the office more freaked out than ever, Courtney already had a note on my desk saying she wanted to see me. I walked into her office trying to make the "I did not see anything face" when she broke another news to me, She and Joe were getting married and this time it was not a joke!

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