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Beauty - Insecurity

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Thursdays get very busy. It's that time for preparation of weekly report. I walked into the office, sat nonchalantly on my chair and heaved a sigh.  My office phone rang,
"Genova International, Funmi speaking"
"Miss Funmi, can you see me in my office real quick?” I hated her.... Everyone else called me Fumz, she always had to add the miss, with her little squeaky voice. Why did she always have to remind me that I'm single, biatch!
"We are having a conference next week at the headquarters in France and you have been chosen by your colleagues to represent them. You would be going with Bruno. I sent you an email of everything you would need."
Those bitches, I whispered under my breath as I walked out. Why did they have to nominate myself and Bruno. We were best of friends and single.... Single! Oh the pain. Our other colleagues had kids and all that shit... Not even the boss wanted to go... She said the staff thought I was a pretty attractive lady; I had the face of Genova. But I know it was just some silly excuse; they all had families and maybe the thoughts of spending time outside the family killed them. What do I know? What do I know about family?!  My elder brother, God rest his soul, sexually harassed me at a younger age... Shrug, oh do I even have a father. My family was so disjointed; it could no longer be called a family. I'm in my world... But I know I want a strong family, one that has love and happiness and money. I was thinking too much, i had to get back to work.
My journey to France was long but fun. It's always fun when Bruno is around.
The hotel we stayed at was packed. It was a three day conference and the hotel was booked for the entire week. One of the few reasons I love working for Genova, the luxury was enormous.

After the first day, I was exhausted. My presentation went well and Bruno, as always, was charming enough to complement our work. I met a couple of handsome men in the conference room; I just might have a chance. As I dragged myself to my room, I heard footsteps behind me; I thought it was Bruno playing silly. He whispered behind my hair and I felt chills, it sure wasn't Bruno. I turned around to see who it was... Omg he was heavenly, his hazel eyes sparkled with excitement as he led his hands to my palm and then lips to the back of my hands. "Can I buy you a drink?" I was too tired but he was damn too fine to resist. His shirt sculptured his toned muscles, his pink lips so slender and succulent looking, he was taller than I was and his voice revealed the sexiest accent I have ever heard.  His dark hair kept the glow in his eyes alive and his dark chocolate skin twitched at my positive response. We spent half the night at the bar, drinking and laughing at the things I can't remember. We made out all the way from the bar, down the hallways and through my doors. My laced panties slid down my thighs, revealing the warmness of my wet castle. We had sex... Mad sex and when we were done, my eyes slowly drifted into sleep. My last thoughts were the man in my bed, whose name I couldn't remember.

For the next few days, I was busy worrying about my reports from the director. I was so prim and proper and I made sure I cut Bruno's playful crap. Mr. handsome threw me a few winks but we never got a chance to talk.  Once the weekend rolled in, I decided to treat myself and Bruno to a "relaxation day". We talked about a lot of things while lying under the sun and he mentioned the most surprising and hurtful thing; “These guys think you are a sex toy... You look too hot to be real but I…I think you are just beautiful,” he stuttered. I told him that I had sex with the hazeled-eyed guy and he told me that guy was particularly interested in ladies with long noses and round bums. "He had a thing for you though; I hope this one stays...! Bruno was on mute for the rest of the hour, I just wanted to rest. Actually, I wanted to see Suil again.

After the conference, I returned to my job I kept in touch with Suil. We started dating after I found that he had family in the same state I was.

Six months later, I was wearing Suil's ring....
It was a rough road...The distance was a little unbearable but we made it work, somehow.
One night, Suil told me about his fetish for long noses. I thought it was ridiculous, we joked about it but I never forgot his remark.
You know, I remember Bruno telling me about it just a few months ago.  For Suil's birthday, I wanted to be perfect for him.

"Fumz, are you really going to go through with this?"
"Why not? It's for my man, besides we are getting married soon... He deserves it"
"I think you are beautiful enough, he squeezed my hands- love you"
I kissed his forehead, I’ll be out soon"
I woke up in pain! It was over, my new nose... I felt ridiculous. I asked for Bruno to come take me home... I felt like I betrayed my body.
Bruno still thought I looked beautiful, he's my champ...
"I feel ridiculous Bruno!"
"It's for your man; I bet he’ll love it.”


On Suil’s birthday, it was all surprises. I decided to fly over to see him. Bruno and I travelled together. He had some business to take care of, but he was invited anyways. My baby had called earlier and asked that we spent the day at my house instead. He was really busy but was going to fly down right after; little did he know that I was coming.
I walked into the building. It was far different from what we had; they were more organized and they all looked like they were preparing for Obama's arrival. I asked for directions to Suil's office.
"Honey, happy birthday"! I screamed as I flung the door open... It was a sight to behold.
There was a picture on his desk with a woman and a little girl.
"Suil, Suil!! Who are these people?!" I stuttered in anger.
"Yes honey!" I heard a voice from an inner office....
This is all a dream right?!
"Fumz, just leave! I'll explain everything to you,” he said as he pushed me out of his office... Before he shut the door, he looked at me and said "whatever happened to your nose?!"
It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.
I tried all I could to keep this man...where did I go wrong. I just did an effing surgery. My life was over. I managed to get in my car and then I called Bruno. He said he was still too busy but he would be with me shortly. I drove aimlessly; I didn't care about my life. I was smart and rich and beautiful. This beauty only brought dogs to me... Only guys that wanted my body, only guys that wanted a woman so good in bed! I couldn't keep a real man. Bruno always said they were too scared to.....there was a loud noise, my head hit hard against my steering, my air bags burst and then I lost it.


I woke up in the hospital, Bruno was by my side. I heard the conversation between himself and the doctor earlier, my life was ruined.... So was my face....disfigured!
 The fact that I had a surgery right before my accident made my injury worse. I looked at Bruno...
"Bruno, look at me, so much pain... My beauty has brought me pain".... I sobbed uncontrollably.
The nurse came in and said Bruno had to leave, I needed more rest.
He squeezed my hands, kissed my forehead. Then he scribbled something on a piece of paper and walked out of the room...

Written by : @fajphummie1

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