Sunday, December 1, 2013



Since I met you, its been apparent that finding a good man is hard. I went from believing in the sweetness of love to understanding that love in itself is a struggle. It hurts but if you let me, I’ll spend a day telling you how that feeling is.
When I met you, I questioned myself, freaked out a little. I decided it was too good to be true but I let my instinct slide. I went in, gave you almost all I had and it all went down the damn drain. And every time I convince myself that one more chance might set this right, I end up coming home hurt as always. Your request for the most absurd things… no the most normal things, things I hear guys say to me all the time, I don't even want to dwell on. But in all, I have realized that it's mostly all the same story and finding that one true person that would change this redundant story is still a quest for me. At least I have learnt it isn’t you… But still I just might foolishly fall into your arms again when you ask for my help because that's who I am; Helpful till I’m hurt.

Yours Sincerly,
Young Women Struggling In and Out of Love...

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  1. Wow........Really coooool write-up. Emotionally tugging and concise.