Friday, January 14, 2011

girls girls girls

so sleep deserted me and i decided to write..i read this write up about why guys cheat and i think imma write about girls. so why do girls want maga's??its a crazy question in a way!i ask a couple of people in funny ways and i got devastating answers. first great answer was of course guys drive us to it. apparently no guy wants to keep his stuff sitting in a place for too long and not just a guy wants to keep riding the same car for too long and with that statement, girls wont want to keep dulling! u wanna keep changing cars, il just have to find a way to please myself while u riding me! a cute dude looking for a new car to ride..imma let me ride for a while but he must have enough to buy fuel and to service the car! enough with the analysis. the point is a girl would always want to love and please a guy and if he seems to be casting his net, she just has to play smart and make sure she gets whatever she can get from everyone casting nets. a woman once said on reality t.v "my boyfriend must pay for my pumps" hmm smart play there missy! she certainly knew how to play her game. she was very attractive and had major surgeries....she needed the extra cash to keep moving. once a guy breaks a girls heart, she becomes blinded by the scales in her eyes, she begins to see every guy just the way she saw her boyfriend. obviously if she lost her virginity to him. thats a second reason. i must get back at every guy that tries to play. .................

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  1. guys are jerks.. i think they are programmed to cheat right from birth,lol