Friday, March 18, 2011


Blogging isn't my favorite thing, I love to talk! Imagine I talk so much the librarian comes up to warn me each time. Alright, that was just some weird introduction but yea I just wanted to talk briefly about my first day at my new school.
First day at school was super horrible! My Nigerian accent was fresh,I had the meanest class mates and  my heart beat betrayed me so so badly. I wore some Random T-shirt that screamed "JJC ( Johny just come)" and carried the biggest math textbook in my twilight saga backpack..thats so middle school ish!For my first class, I was secretly hoping for a Nigerian. I open the class door and "no Nigerian", did I forget mention tell I am super Nigerian, I  was hoping to find some cute Nigerian boy to show me around, we fall in love and there goes the love story...I had to tap myself to wake me from my slumbering fantasy! I couldn't hear nothing the lecturer was saying, actually I could but was too scared to listen for fear of misinterpreting his words. My 11:15 Class was a little better even if I had to sit under the tree for an hour, all 'cze I dint know anywhere around...How sad for a first day! I got into this class, some cute guy whose muscles screameded Gym stared into my "14-years-old-looking-eyes", here is the best part; he looked so Nigerian...yay! I passed the attendance sheet to him and all I hear is THANK YOU in the sweetest and most typical Nigerian accent I ever heard! Alrighty before I drool too much I dint have him 'cze he turned out to be too quiet and not a Nigerian  Anyways I got out of the second class happy and lost , you can guess why I was happy though! Wandering like a lost chicken till I got into my third class and  everyone in there  stared at me like I was crazy. My third class wasn't fun, to say the least. Did I forget to mention how annoying it is when each lecturer stumbles on my name: ADELEKE OLUFUNMILAYO, how hard is that? OK maybe a little but common at least give a try and don't make up silly faces likeThe finished product of a cartoon face! draw funny cartoon ! Third class was Math  and I was really excited 'cze I felt everyone in my class was a dummy ( pierced ears, earphones, unserious dressing, what was I to think with my Nigerian mindset?) , again with the name! this time I just gave up and let them call me Fumee!! By the time I was done with math, I concluded I wanted home! 


  1. aww..but i know it's much better for you now and u definitely have more friends :)
    are there many blacks in ur schl? and lool at being scared to listen to the leacture :p
    my 1st day was also JJC ish..but not as bad as urs,lol..people at my schl were super friendly :)

  2. @kitkat: It sure is, my friends are like the noisiest people ever! and there are more blacks and foreign people than whites in my school...people at my school? no friendly at all

  3. Nice story line,its such a pity you didnt find love on your first day; that sure sucks.