Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Have you ever been so angry that the tiny little creature running across the room suffer it all? well thats how angry I am right now! Although aint gonna stone no rat that keeps running across my room because aint got all the strength for that, imma just tell you why me mad right now!Well first of, I got this nice speech prepared and then I use a wrong power point, now who does that? Apparently Funmi does! Now this silly computer keeps telling me my name isn't English! of course I know it isn't. I know I am venting too much right ? Thats exactly how it feels when I get that like everyday; like people doing this to me .
Nice warm Saturday, thinking about my precious life, hoping a friend would help add ingredient to the life. Got my phone out, composed a friendly text and all I got was some harsh blast!
 Step 2 : Next day ( Sunday) comes and my dad sprouts from God knows where, complaining we do not go with him to worship... really? Dad common, we have been through this like a million and one times
Step 3: Monday comes and all I have to show for the day is crazy headache that subsides only after the warm weather disappeared
Step 4: Tuesday, very nerve wrecking, speech on my mind, common now I wanna go shopping and suddenly all my friends left me in school and the weather changes again...arrrrgggh!
Step 4: Arguing with a friend about what it is and what its not : Over functioning of the brain!
Step 5: Suddenly I remember I have got limited time to study for my test! 
Step 6: I shouldn't have used steps it just seems so awkward.
My tommy grumbles for food, but right now i'm just playing rude
I was mad as ever because I realized we wouldn't be together forever
Things are gonna keep repeating itself, just like my Dad repeats issues,
things are always gonna change, just as the weather changes
Bottom line, beware...nothing is as it seems, don't ever vent your anger on just anybody, their reactions might just be really shocking.
I'm just trying to get a better way to vent , now I realized I love my blog!