Saturday, March 19, 2011


Birthdays have always been some fun day I look forward to, counting down days to, just like I did for exams in High school but this year was a little different.
My siblings all had cakes provided by the family and everyone had fun snapping the craziest pictures and were merry but mine was such an awkward time: my siblings were away and my parents, very busy.
I did the silliest thing during the weekend to take my mind off the sad Monday ahead: did my nails, went shopping with some money I did not have,  bought the most random things and did some other extremely weird things you don't wanna hear about. All I was secretly hoping for was for my friends to call me, or at least remember to flash me ( beep me).
At 6pm American time, some Facebook HBD wall post lifted my spirit as I was determined to like and respond to every post. After I did all that, two friends from Nigeria called me, I was really happy cze I did not expect their calls or at least that they would even remember! sounding sad now right? wait for the awkward moment!
At 12, I slept and my silly friend GLENSFORD  WILLIAMS who promised to call dint call: shame on you Glen, ha-ha..just kidding, I took his cologne yesterday so we are even now! My loving friends dared to call the house phone my father threatened them never to call again and that topped my  joy. By the time it was morning, I had received about 13 calls from Nigeria, a message from my dear mother and three others from friends, 
At 6am, my normal wake up time, I took my bath and woke my sister....(Nigerian movie bad-thing-about-to -happen-sound) and the weirdest thing happened: SHE DID NOT WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! That ruined me, OM freaking G. I played this 9ice "No be mistake" music just to take my sister off my brain and focus on the day's work. School wasn't bad as all my friends wished me HBD *except my sister!! I received cards and gifts from the most unexpected people and went my lectures.  My phone kept ringing as my friends from Nigeria kept calling, (at the end of the day I received about 37 calls from Nigeria) and I felt loved. My classes were over and I hung in the library with my friend Whitney Phillips. All my friends decided that was the day they had to go hang out at the barn and I felt left out, well not really I had Whitney and they all chorused happy birthday twice that day already so I wasn't so disturbed. My mum called and I reported my sister to her ( that was how disappointed and unloved I felt) she said she could explain but I did not even want to know what explanation she had ...KMT. My sister left and I was happy I was alone with Whitney: now we could gist randomly and open some books. After about thirty minutes, the KOKO (main thing) happened! my phone rang , guess who again "my sister" what the heck does she want this time? (IGBOTIC VOICE)--- And the following conversation took place
Gbemi: " The scholarship people are here in the barn, come and fill the form"
Funmi:  (angry voice) "Why did you not tell me when you were leaving earlier"
Gbemi:  " They have been here for a while and they are almost leaving"
Funmi:  "I am not coming, how would you...arrrghhhhh"
 I decided  I was gonna go but I was never gonna forgive her, I mean we spoke about this scholarship thingy just last week and now she went without me?
Whitney's fake boyfriend DEJI AFOLABI came over to help pack my bag so I could hurry, I invited Whitney like a good friend would and we walked all the way to the student lounge as I fussed along the way. I saw all these papers as I peeped through the glass and I concluded my sister was just unfair.
I slid into the lounge and there was no white guy talking about a, dead expressions on all these faces and I concluded something was up! And yet again I heard the screams of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, this time it was really loud. My sister walked over with her mischievous smile and I never felt loved by her like I felt on this March 7th, my first and only 18th birthday (makes me feel old). She gave me a big and very emotional hug and wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. I looked over and saw some soda's and some other stuffs I could munch and I figured all my smiling friends had put them all together: My birthday mate , Zita, Tukuul Samateh, Deji Afolabi, Adebola Adejobi, Nnamdi Akosa, Tyeshia, Glensford, George, Curtis and others like Lola, Lanre and his friend I forgot his name( d guy with the shades). Olu, Ruth and Whitney weren't present as Whitney ran away but they I felt their love . It was really fun even if the noise disturbed the ever quiet lounge but I said to you before *my noisy friends and I*. My friends and sister made my day and I  was really happy. serious, if you weren't there, you missed on the fun and excitement! Thanks to all my Friends that cared, care and are still caring. Here is my cake its small but you could always check it out on Facebook cze my computer is acting up now! If you read this, think my birthday was fun or anything else, just drop me a comment. Guess what: All my Happy Birthday wishes worked fine as my birthday turned out to be a really happy day!

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