Thursday, March 24, 2011

college of Queens?

Its funny I should even seat and write this , but I really couldn't help it! From my other posts, you sure know am Nigerian but you don't know how that came to be right? or well maybe you do! Actually I was sitting in my dad's car today again and some random thought came to my mind as he was giving us one of those Early-Morning-Journey-To-School-Ride-Lectures. When in Nigeria, I attended this supposedly big high school. Wait a minute, you say what! right? I attended Queen's College, the school with the high academic record (well maybe not anymore) and high rate of exposed girls, its a girls only school and of course we also got Kings college, also known as KC, but lets not dive into that, shall we not! 
I grew up in the civilised ghetto area of Lagos Nigeria, very close to Ogun state. Actually my place was simply called AJEGUNLE!! lol... with that kind of environment, I was sure to grow up into a tout, an area tout, but my parents did not let me leave my house! My parents were considered to be very rich , even if we were just some average family that was able to build a house , well two in that area, my dad did not even paint his house for fear of getting robbed by some greedy asshole's!!  Because I wasn't allowed to go out , I was super envious of the ghetto kids, I wanted the freedom to walk around the street in pants and some weird slippers riding a bike or rolling the tire of a car ,now that I think of it, it's hilarious to have wanted that but I did , because I felt like I was in bondage in my own house, well my father's!
Then somehow, my little brains got me to Queen's College( QC) and I not for one second regretted ever living in my renowned ghetto area. In QC, I met so many people and decided I was gonna be on the sophisticated team, I was never identified as that in school cze I was a super slacker but I knew I was at home, a known bubbler. In my senior year, I figured out that so many people couldn't do anything they were supposed to know how to do! some did not know how to light a stove, strike a match, speak their language (eeewwww, thats really helpful when you leave your country and meet someone of your kind where you migrate to), and many other things while I was there struggling to learn how to drink with a wine glass, talk like a super civilized babe , act like a sophisticated chick from QC , and many many many other thing too weird to write about. Well, after high school I had succeeded on getting everything on my check list checked, first time I sipped from a wine glass, the guy commented , not to me thou, that I was super sophisticated! yay! who would have known it was my first! In high school, I was the razz( very opposite of sophisticated)  babe in my little dormitory, after high school, I was the cute fwesh chick across the street, well not like I was fresh , just another way of saying civilized. I realized how much I had changed in High school and some how I felt I betrayed the real me. I decided to go both ways, the tush and the razz way, I started hanging around the street people, not with them, but secretly watching them and somehow they had my back by the time I spent a year. I knew how to relate with them in the most friendly way even if i tried not to look like them. When I try to board a bus , they immediately find me one and pay my fare, that was the best part, and here is another part, no guy could harass me anyway whatsoever. 
This is one funny part, some day I was walking up the street in annoyance , with my cute self , and suddenly , i came face-to-face with a mad woman! I thought twice, should this chick run, or be a big girl and try hard to not fidget and or scream 
My thinking cap fell off and I ran as fast as my teeny tiny legs could carry me, one of these area touts suddenly came out and chased the madness out of the mad woman. That was when I was glad I had them. I remember sneaking from the house with my cousin to drink fresh spring water , the best water I have ever had, and making birthday cakes out of sand and bottle corks, with few friends that had the same desire as I did, but then it so turned out to be that both sides of my life is super sweet, been razz could be the best thing that ever happened to you if you know how to switch when needed!!

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