Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Resisting temptation

Alrighty...my friend says love sucks...hahaha..it sure does!! Thats not my target today though, am just on the frestyle level. So today, I kinda feel like a bird who has been waiting to burst out of its cage cze the owner is going away for a while, but now it suddenly feels soooo wrong to do so cze my owner left! My week seems to have started out great but then I miss me papa!!! he be gone for just some hours and it seems like a lifetime, but last week I was like "Daddy, do and go jor!". I even took some funny risks on Saturday cze I knew its all gonna be fussing and case closed, but I did suffer it a little, we ll not a little! Like Ada will say , I felt like I betrayed the cutest skirt ever,  well not really ;)! I am aka gum, aka cement!!
I went to this mall just around the corner from my school after I told me father me was studying for a test in school ! I went out with my cute friend and we fell in love with the stores that agreed with our wallets! we kept looking to see what could steal a glance into our precious tightly held wallet and how best we could snuggle our money before letting it go! Hilarious though cze we went through every store in the mall and we couldnt even find a pair of cute shoes that were on sale: poor us! aint working so you understand right?
we went into this store and I got into trouble. My friend wanted those cute shoes , they were so superb I couldnt say no! her feets were the most beautifully manicured feet I had seen all spring,not like I have really seen any this season. Damn, those shoes looked good on her, and really sexy too. She wanted to spend but I persuaded her not to: igbo girl, u know say we no get money biko!
We left this stores, sad and tired , had only a pair of shoes and some random jacket from conway, by the way when I say random I mean cute. After patroling the whole mall, we ran into Valarie, a friend that was supposed to  be in Anita's party. Alright so, We, myself and my shopping partner Jane , were supposed to be in Anita, the birthday girl's party, and we planned to go shopping for stuffs to throw on, but we changed our minds when u know now, our pocket had more coins than notes. Valerie had this bag that contained some cute stuff  I couldnt see :(

Jane tapped me, I knew she was thinking I was thinking what she was now thinking, and really I was! Damn , I have got to get Anita some gift all cze Valarie had one in her hands , God knows I cried inside oh...:)  so we had to set on a journey to get the perfect inexpensive gift for our precious Anita, yea right, imma spend my hard saved money on her, well she still precious sha sha! Jane found some nice colonge and I found some nice jewelries that cost double of what Jane paid , and again :( . That silly jewelry store dint just make me spend on Anita, I also couldnt resist the sweet calling of those cute cocktail rings, Me got one in red after sulking and struggling with my wallet, sulk again! I love them earings too, you can guess I got one of them too. And now I officially tell you am broker than the brokest !! NO, REALLY I AM!!!!! God punished me ehn, cze by the time I was done hanging out, it was some 10 pm , (I dont stay out late oh) and I froze at the bus stop waiting for an hour for the freaking bus! I got home some 12:30am after my daddy came to the rescue!!! I so hate to admit he did though! I dived into my bed and before I could think twice, some cute angel blew me a kiss and I was on my way to dreamland.

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