Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red Read Ready

Imagine I'm standing, hoping for my ride to come pick me up,when I say my ride, I mean M.T.A's freaking bus. I have to take this bus like everyday of my life because my lovely daddy is not here to pet me! Oh, the joy that filled my tired feet when I sighted the bus afar off. I briskly brought my bus pass out and stood at attention, waiting impatiently for the traffic light to turn green. Finally, the bus came sliding like it was controlled by an outer force other than the driver. As it came closer, my smile widened and just as it was in front of me, I stepped back for it to stop but the controlling force overtook the driver and the breaks, the bus slid past me and I knew my feet were doomed for the night! How will I ever get my tired feet to drag me all the way home? That freaking bus was my last hope, look what its done to me ! After my tiring day with my speech class, and my dance group, Oh God I deserved a break and then this? Not fair at all
I sulked and fussed as I led my feeble legs trekking in the cold , all the way to our apartment, it was the longest 25 minutes ever, and just as I was approaching another cute bus passed me by. It was then I knew , luck was not my middle name for the day.
I was in this dance class, one that I enjoy anyways, and we were put into groups to talk about Hip-hop in Africa. All the girls in the group showed up, but then the nigga's ,the silly guys with their champion, Adidas, and North face hoodie's spiking up on their freshly cut hair. They looked cute in a way especially with those studs but I was not there to admire some lazy chaps who think they would not work together; they liked to form their back group or gang I should say. They walk into class, laughing and cussing , you know how guys get. We manage to put everything together and suddenly their mouth stuck like it was binded with glue. I was officially pissed by the time we gathered our information. They weren't even sure of what country to go for..arrrggghhh, I will never understand guys. 
My speech class came and I felt all ready for it,I walked into class, took my sit and lecture began. All of a sudden I looked up and saw my professor appear twice, wait, what? then again the board slid left and right, my sit partner had four eyes and my feet seemed twice as large. I knew it, I was dizzy , again! Second time today, I felt my chest tighten as I slowly began gasping for breath. I took out my menthol inhaler and sniffed a couple of times, my temperature was on the rise and my rattling in class increased, someone beside me asked, "Funmi, are you OK?" I couldn't even see him but I nodded in agreement. I could not leave the class, that was a pairing into group day, I couldn't afford to miss any part of the class. I hung in there till the class was over. My group was OK, I couldn't have asked for more. I walked to the library as hunger flogged my stomach and then I met my friend. I could not decide what to eat so I let hunger use the whip. Realizing I had an appointment, I went to the honors center and was there till my appointment was come and gone! I walked to the library , got some free food and went upstairs with my friend. We were up there waiting for 7:10pm to move out to catch the 7:15 bus. At 7:10, I looked out the window and realized the bus came early! So annoying, I had to wait a whole , 45 minutes for the next bus to come and then some how the bus decided to pass me by just when my stressful day was ending. I just couldn't wait for 

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