Saturday, May 14, 2011


My hang out Naija buddy/close friend I tell stuff . She was like one of the few Nigerians I couldn't tell was Nigerian when we first met. We be hanging out together and yea am me around super me accent is like silly accented naija pidgin around her 'cause of course we derive joy in messing with people in our language and its just kinda sweeter when we speak to each other. Every one 's like Uhn..what did they just say. She tells me all the time that I can never change my Nigerian skin, like am to addicted to Naija... 

Laugh out loud, rolling on the floor laughing her ass off...she could not just stop... aint looking like a clown now am I? no I wasn't, she was just laughing at my like me was funny, she was just caught  laughter while listening to my convo with a friend.
I met this guy online like a few weeks again while I was doing my naija-radio-comment thingy and we kinda ended up skyping on Monday. Im talking to Jane on phone and im saying, let me talk to this guy, you gonna listen and tell me what I sound like..One minute im telling this guy how much I can speak pidgin, next minute am talking to him in plain English( its just so wrong to land with pidgin on the first day plus he had american accent, who was I to throw in Pidgin?
The guy had the deepest voice ever and even if Jane couldnt hear him, she giggled continously. I knew somefn was awfully wrong.I figured somefn was up wf her, I told the guy to hangon while I asked her why she couldnt control herself.
Funmi: Jane wassup?
Jane: Nothing ..hahaha, go ahead, just lemmie know when y'all done talking.....that was cool with me cze I was kinda enjoying my convo with this dude.
He is a nigerian but his accent is really changed plus his deep deep voice kinda made me shiver at first. He  kept saying I did not sound like I could speak pidgin, in my mind am like "do I sound so sweet"? this guy never jam*
we spoke for about 15 minutes and I hung up, Jane was still giggling...
Ohk I was kinda flushed with embarrasment, like why would she be laughing.
Funmi: okay Jane wassup?
Jane: Did u even notice how fast your accent changed?
Funmi: Did it?
Jane: chai!! ds geh, na wa oh
She continued giggling. lol... Thats why the guy kept saying I couldn't mutter a word in pidgin...
Its funny how we change because we want others to understand us or perhaps because we are trying to be like others . Lets stray a bit,
Aint beefing or bitching or anything but we ve got this Nigerian girl in my school. She been here a long time. First time I met her, she seemed really nice and young and kinda friendly, not like we spoke or anything. You know when u are able to read someone and guess what that kinda person personality might be? exactly what I did. Well,I guess am beefing .
She is really cute #Tbt and she z got this Smokey way of applying her eyeshadow...
she seemed really nice until this day I met her while coming from international club meeting , she was like "u on our stage, walk along",  ...of course she did not say exactly that, cant remember her exact words but , damn she was rude, I was walking on some random walk free open I got pissed cze apparently I read her wrong and she did the same to some one I knew  and was nicer with her words! She was probably just hating on me ... I hope its not that i  stole her B.F oh!! Sometimes I wish 

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  1. hahaha! dis geh, i know all about your accent fluctuations :P
    eeyah sorry about the mean girl, u shld have given her a piece of ur mind!