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Hi Guys,
By now, Its probably no news that I moved from Nigeria a while back. There is definitely a lot of differences, considering I am in a different continent now. I was just wondering if I could get more light shed on this .
A guy walks up to me and tries to make a conversation. We talk enough to say hi to each other another day. We stay friends for a month as my feelings grow for him each day. Then we begin to confide in each other more and one day he tells me he likes me. I say I will think about it, and after dying inside for a week, I open up to him and say my parents might not be happy with my decision to get a boyfriend so we keep it a secret. Our siblings find out and are all excited and after about six months, everyone knows we are not just friends.
This is what I have seen from 98% of the guys in this country so far.
Try to make a conversation, Start with the Hi, Enjoy each others company, develop feelings , wait for the girl to make a flirty move or say that she likes you.
 If she doesn't, she is playing hard to get.... If she does, well isn't she a slut?
I have gotten different responses from different people about asking people out. What's your take on this?
Please take time to listen to this and be nice enough to leave a comment below :)

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